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Suli Co., Ltd is located in Yangtze River Delta with the beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.Suli currently has three holding companies ,which are Jiangyin Suli Chemical Co., Ltd, Taizhou Bailly Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Suli Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd. Suli also established a R&D center in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. Suli successfully went on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on Dec 14, 2016. Stock Code:603585.

Suli mainly engaged in research, production and sales of agrochemicals, flame retardants and other fine chemicals。 Its main products are agrochemicals like chlorothalonil and azoxystrobin technical with all kinds of formulations, fine chemicals like decabromodiphenyl ethane, hydrogen bromide acid。 Our products are widely used in agricultural production, plastics, building materials, etc。, with good market reputation and brand influence。

Suli Co。,Ltd。 and its subsidiaries Suli chemical, Bailly chemical are recognized as hi-tech enterprise by science and technology department, finance department, State Administration of Taxation, Local Taxation Bureau of Jiangsu province。 Suli has an enterprise academician workstation, it has been rewarded as private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province for many years。 Suli and its subsidiaries has undertaken and implemented many projects of SME Technology Innovation Fund and the National Torch Program。 Suli was elected as the vice chairman of retardant materials industry technology innovation strategic alliance by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association。 Suli chemical was rewarded as the top 100 agrochemical enterprises and top 50 agrochemicals exporters in China for many years, presented by China Pesticide Industry Association。 Suli is council member of China Pesticide Industry Association, and was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for brand development pilot enterprises。 Bailly chemical technology centre is also represented as retardant materials engineering technology centers of Taizhou with strong R & D research strength。

"Suli" brand is a well-known brand of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association which is presented by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. It aslo named as ”Famous Export Brand of JiangSu”. "Suli" brand is honored with "China Famous Brand" by State Trademark Bureau. Relying on strong R & D strength, stable product quality and perfect service system, the company has established long-term stable relations with the well-known domestic and foreign customers. Our products are sold to more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions, while also exported to the EU, North America, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Japan and many other countries and regions. We have established long-term relationship with many well-known companies in both flame retardant and agrochemical industry.

By relying on the comprehensive advantages of technology, brands, channels, etc., Suli will keep focusing on the research, production and sales of fine chemical products, with continuous commitment to development and industrialization of more environmental-friendly, more efficient pesticides and flame retardants .

Innovative concept


  • Vision

    To Make Our Life Safer

  • Mission

    Committed to becoming an honest enterprise that provides fine chemicals and services

  • Spirit

    Honesty, Precision, Realistic, Innovation.

  • Basic Idea

    Market oriented, continuously enhance the profitability of enterprises, diversified, specialized, information-based, pursue higher enterprise value;Customer oriented, continuous enhance of enterprise's control, focused on target, execute, and results, pursue higher customer satisfaction;Persevered to create the best brand of China fine chemical products

  • Management Concept

    欧美 卡通 另类 偷拍System is more important than power, colleague is more important than relatives and friends.

  • Marketing Philosophy

    Integration of social resources to win-win cooperation, fulfill customers’ demand sincerely。

  • Talents View

    Measure before apply, performance first, fair competition, long-term incentive.

  • Services View

    Service is the only product of Suli; customer satisfaction is Suli's ultimate goal。

Enterprise Honor


Sustainable Development



欧美 卡通 另类 偷拍Suli has been committing to the pursuit of the harmonious development of people, enterprises, society and nature, and always adhere to the priority of health, safety and environmental protection. In order to reduce company's impact on the environment, we established integrated HSE management which covers both research and production, supply and sales. By continuous improvement of HSE management, our company will pay more attention to workers and staff, aiming for construction of employee pride, shareholder satisfaction, trust, social partners, making our company the international first-class chemical enterprise. For "Green chemical" and "harmonious development", We will:

  • Comply with local laws and regulations of the country and region, respect local customs and habits.
  • People oriented, prevention first, the pursuit of zero damage, zero pollution, and zero accident.
  • Protect environment, implement cleaner production, and strive for sustainable development.
  • Optimize HSE resources and continuously improve health, safety and environmental management level;
  • The top management at all levels is the HSE's first responsible person, and HSE performances are important for rewards and punishments, hiring and contractors.
  • Implement HSE training, cultivate and maintain HSE culture
  • Honestly disclose our HSE results to the community;
  • We have a consistent HSE attitude in any part of the world and in any area of our business,.

Social Responsibilities

Suli believes a competitive company should be the leader in technology, advanced management and socially responsibilities。 Make social, environment and stakeholders to integrate successfully into the responsibility of corporate strategy, organizational structure and business process。 Therefore, for Suli, it is an obligation to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise, and it is also the inevitable choice for the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise。 Suli has fulfilled their social responsibilities into long-term strategy of enterprise development。 In an effort to improve business performance, and constantly promote company development at the same time, Suli will always actively fulfill their social responsibilities, and strive to achieve the overall coordination of enterprises and society and environment sustainable development。

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  • No.7-1, Runhua Road, Lingang Town, Jiangyin City 214444, Jiangsu Province, China
  • 0510-86631388
  • 0510-86636221

Contact Us



  • No.7-1, Runhua Road, Lingang Town, Jiangyin City 214444, Jiangsu Province, China
  • 0510-86631388
  • 0510-86636221